Sunday, December 4, 2016

Writing is sometimes like a sudden car crash to the senses...

Writing is sometimes like a sudden car crash to the senses. I find myself locked into my laptop, my fingers flying over the keyboard, totally engrossed in my characters and stories only to be rudely interrupted by the reality of life. It's jarring. The impact leaves me startled and confused.

What is the reason? I'm a mom, wife, and slave to the occupation of adult who has to work for a living. Oh yes, I wish the life of a writer was glamorous. I wish I could say that wine in hand (a total given) I gaze out at the luxury beach million dollar home I own, able to stay home and conjure stories from the depth of my imagination that will lead to the next bestseller list tomorrow. Ironically, that is not the case. Go figure.

What I absolutely enjoy, what inspires me to come back repeatedly for more, are my characters. I love to dive into their imagination and immerse myself in their adventures. It's the best free vacation I could ever have. I leave the world of reality behind, suddenly whisked away to foreign lands, and engaging in conversations with new and interesting people. I find my way through alternate realities and past centuries, totally engrossed in my adventure, excited to cross the next bridge or trudge through that hidden forest, engage in a sword fight or conjure the elements in my defense.

Without books we as a society are lost. It is the ability to read and transport ourselves into other worlds that sustain and rejuvenate us. We pass along both reality and fantasy, truth and lie, stories that contain the heart of who we are as people. Without writers, in both fiction and nonfiction, we would be at the mercy of social media and contain little substance. Can you imagine?

I digress. The car crash scenario. Perhaps I need more wine. Time to write!

Until next time my friends, keep reading!

Silver Moon is now available for preorder!

My new novel, a paranormal romance, Silver Moon: Descendants of Nephilim is now available for preorder.

Silver Moon: Descendants of Nephilim

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday Book Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Black Friday Book Sale starts today. Check out your favorite retailer for books at FREE and $0.99 prices now through Sunday. Gobble up some turkey and pumpkin pie and settle in for a few great reads. Also select titles available on Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Imposition is available today!

Don't miss out on The Imposition, available today, book 4 of The Fight for Light Novels.

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Cover reveal!

Cover reveal for my new spinoff series, continuing the Descendants of Nephilim, coming in 2017.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A sneak peek at all four covers of the Freedom Fighters series.

Here's a sneak preview of all four covers of the Freedom Fighters series. You can find the books online at your favorite retailers!

The Freedom Fighters on Amazon

The Imposition is available this Friday!

The Imposition is available this Friday! Follow Rhiannon in the next chapter of her journey as she battles the Darkness. She must use all of her training and guidance, her experience and determination, to defeat an age old evil. Forced to confront her worst nightmares, Rhiannon must delve deep into her soul in order to save the one she loves. Will she be able to stand against the enemy, venturing into the bowels of Hell, and make it out alive?

The Imposition on Amazon