Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Creative writing is my outlet...

     Creative writing is my outlet. As a fan of romance novels, literally since I was about fifteen years old, I have always envisioned myself as a writer. Maybe not one of the best, but at least on some level of success. For the last five years I have written over ten books and published none of them. Why, you ask?
     The answer is simple really. I was intimidated by the process. Query letters. Submission requirements. Book Synopsys and Outline for every novel that needs to hook the publisher and grab their attention. I understand that is the way it works. But the process, well, it is long and arduous. I can be rejected or accepted, not based on my work, or even my personality, but entirely on how well a few words placed on a page will interest or entice the editor.
     I have to admit, I'm nervous. For me writing has always been a personal experience. I live, breathe, and dream my characters and their stories. My life revolves around their experiences, their history, and the chemistry and romance between the main hero and/or heroine. I even daydream about them. A simple conversation with a friend, a commercial on television, or even lyrics to a song can motivate an entire chapter.
     I become lost, totally oblivious to the world around me, and immerse myself in the story. It's personal for me. Very personal. Sharing my innermost thoughts and desires, my imagination, and that little vulnerable part of myself that nobody knows about or gets to see. That's the scary part. Opening myself up to criticism and rejection and the possibility of failure.
     I've let it go on long enough. It's time I took a chance. Even if I fail, I will become wiser for the experience. I've completed my first couple of submissions to a publisher. The process will take months before I hear anything, positive or negative. In the spirit of transparency I have started this blog. Perhaps the accountability will keep me motivated.
     Until next time my friends, keep writing!

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